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Sexy Men who ride English + the women who <3 'em!'s Journal
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Saturday, April 8th, 2006
3:11 pm
(Video) King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery
ok i went down to Draft Parade on Thursday and i was recording whats going on down there. So now i made a video and i trying to upload it everywhere i can!

So anyhow its 6:51 long
about 45mb in size
Two tracks been used which are:
Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People (full metal jacket remix)This has swearing in it!!
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

So yer if ur woundering what Draft Parade is when the Troop goes away to partice the Musical Drive/ Salutes or Training new driver or horses in team etc etc.


So yer That my Job in the Army and if u have any Questions or comments fire away i just hope u like it :P


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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
10:18 am
Back to the Troop and riding
Well Now i am going back to my Regiment (King's Troop RHA) and as i been off from horses for 2 years but last few months been on and off i be with horses full time now. I be working in the Officer Mess (Where the Officer eat and sleep) but i be able to ride the Officer Horses than the Troop horses. So now i am another step to getting fitter and get my self more balanced and centre on the saddle. As i am weak on one side of my body.

So if i can get my own internet access u be seen more pics of the troop doing there daily work and Video clips too. Going back to work Monday morning and should be no later than 05:45 am which going to be hard!! Reason is i perfer the Officer horses because they are calmer and has more ummm dressage in them shall i say. The troop horses are hyper but not as bad as the race horses but there more like working horses as they pull a ton and half limber and gun around. Oh and its safer as well as i am weak on side and not centred on saddle. They tend to buck alot and run off with u etc but when i get the video cam out u guys will see what i mean.

Well thats why i hardly dont post here but now life coming back to normal so woot and some thing to focous on now. Oh and i hope i manage to find a good trainer there but mm going to be some looking. When i go back as well i be looking at a local Stables to do NVQ and BHS courses as well than going though the army as they take so dam long. Then i hope in 2-3 years with local courses i be a Trainer :P


Oh and for this group u see alot of MEN!! riding and yes they all straight :P

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
2:23 am
Straight men in the UK do dressage too you know, they are not all gay :-D
I dont have many photos of my partner, Asher, riding, but this was him riding a horse called Dilly who belongs to a woman called Jane Edwards who is a former British Team member I who lives right by our horse fields.

Here are 2 photos, they are not very exciting, but they are at least of Asher in tight trousers! Look at those looooong skinny legs, Dilly is somewhere around 16hh and is, apparently, an Irish thoroughbred.

Asher - straight man riding!Collapse )

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Saturday, November 26th, 2005
12:58 pm
my 3 weeks at headly court

Well i been away for 3 weeks at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headly Court and all the fittness and physio treatment i had really work wounders. Before i went down i had a little 30min lesson and i had a problem with my bad leg as in it comes up like i was tence but i didnt feel like i was which was weird. I had this problem when i was riding evil_c  pony too. After the first week been there and i had Physio treatment every day they had helped to get my leg relaxed and i noticed this when i went to a local stables on the weekend.

my weekendCollapse )

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
6:02 pm
add ur self on ur map
I done a map and if u like to pin ur self where u are in the World then by my guest and see where everyone else is in the world. EVERYONE wellcome



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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
10:46 pm
No, just because he does dressage it doesnt mean he is gay...
2 weeks ago I dropped our (bred for dressage, bred for my partner) foal off at a yard for the winter. He'll spend the winter in a big barn with all their foals playing inside and keeping dry and not getting miserable because of the weather and not being bored as I only have one foal this year.

When I dropped Minion (colt) off I watched one of the staff there working some horses and we were talking. She asked about Asher (my partner), whether or not he rides. The conversation went a like this...

Rachel: what does Asher do in riding? Does he do eventing or show jumping?

me: He does dressage. He really likes it and is very good at it.

*Pause, clearly for thought*

Rachel: Its very unusual for a man, who starts riding so later in life as Asher did, to like dressage.

me: Trust me, hes not gay if thats what you were thinking...

Rachel: No no! Not at all what I meant, I just meant that it is rather unusual for a man who starts riding at the age of 29 to like dressage...

me: No, really, I know exactly what you are thinking and what is at the back of your mind but believe me, I have first hand experiance and can tell you for sure that he really, truly is NOT gay.



I do find it funny when people think that. They may not say it but I know what they are thinking. Yes, the vast majority of dressage riders in the UK who are male are gay, but Asher just happens to be straight!


Current Mood: amused
Monday, September 5th, 2005
7:51 pm
One thing you can not deny, we british riders do have the best looking eventers.
William Fox-Pitt after winning Burghley this weekendCollapse )

His wife had a baby boy last week too.


Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, August 25th, 2005
10:52 pm
Treat for the girls :P
Ok well as i am a Free single man and loves riding horses and well love to find single girls with horses and well any how i thought i share something with u guys. I thought i post pics of my friends that they all straight and rides horses and they are in the same regiment as me :P u ready???

Well here the pics girls :P

my friendsCollapse )

Current Mood: creative
5:12 pm
Good looking farriers
northwesten has the most gorgeous farrier at his work! They call him Big Gay Jay, but he is actually straight. He is absolutly adorable!

This was taken when I went to visit northwesten's work place, the army stables in London.
I wish my farrier looked like thisCollapse )

Current Mood: bouncy
10:19 am
mmm confused
mm i have one question
i done a introducton of my self but i kinda not sure what to post afterwards. I mean so i talk about how sexy i am in jubphurs? i am not sure so mm some one give me an idea or is it hey girl i free and straight :P come and get me!! LOL can i put normal posting about horses stuff on here??


Current Mood: confused
Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
11:18 pm
The English Horsie-straight-man
Hello! I'm C, I live south of London, England and have 4 horses at the moment, well, 2 ponies (a Welsh A and an Appaloosa X Cob), 1 horse (TB X Welsh D) and a 3 month old (Warmblood) colt who should make about 16.2hh.

I am blessed with good looking straight men around me when I go horse riding. My partner, I clearly find attractive, is maluse (Asher) who got into horse riding because of me and the whole "love me, love my horse" attitude when I booked him in for 2 lessons and told him if he doesnt like it after the second lesson I will never mention it again. Of course, he was hooked, and now training at medium level dressage. He HATES this photo, but I think he looks rather cute. It is a loooong storty as to why he has chopsticks behind his ears, so please ignore them. I dont really have any good photos of him riding as he doesnt like his photo taken and i'm always playing groom to his horses so dont get chance to take photos!
photo of AsherCollapse )

and then there is his best mate who started riding a couple of years ago because I told him he should and he couldn't think of any reason as to why he shouldnt, so he did! emzed (Matt) came over a couple of weeks ago and I managed to get a rather good photo of him playing with my foal!
Matt with minionCollapse )

Yes, both men have long hair, I have a thing for men with long hair :-) Both are around 6ft tall, slim and I think quite attractive! I cant wait for the day when both of them play groom to me at a competition, I'd be the envy of the horsie girls :-)
It would also make a very nice change from me playing groom to them :-(


Current Mood: bouncy
2:59 am
Hello there as i been approved i thinght i say hi to u all.

My name is Peter and i am 25 live in the UK. I been riding horses for 11 years and i love show jumping and Cross country and i hope in the near futre to start dressage and go Eventing. I am also in the British army in a Regiment called the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery which is also a mounted regiment and i been in there for 5 years now. But last yeari have broken my leg at a 2 day event at the cross country course. I was only watching and a loose horse ran into the rope fencing and the wooden stake fliped out and broken my right leg. I been off for a year as i was in a cast for a year until April this and got it pinned and now i am starting to get back to riding thank god. I do not have any horses of my own as when i am at work i have not much time for my own as i have the army horses to look after and stuff.  My favorite breed are Irish draft and Irish draft crossed with Thoroughbred as they are awesome for Show jumping and Eventing. Well i belive a few of u guys know me already.
 I am planning to come to the States in 4 years time i hope to start a new career and teach in Eventing in the East Coast somewhere. I been to the states a few times and i love visting and i have been to CA, FL and PA and end of year i hope MA, CT and new jersey my next stop.

Here some pic me ridingCollapse )

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Thursday, June 16th, 2005
10:21 am
I have started thunderhooves, a community dedicated to the noble and powerful feathered warhorses, particularly under saddle. Whether you are an owner or admirer or just curious, whatever your experience or knowledge level, please feel free to join.

Friesians, Friesians crosses, and also the Shires, Clydesdales, Percherons and other draft breeds ... their majesty is unmistakeable, and whether you own, ride, or just dream about being astride one or more of these magnificent creatures.

I have had much success working with other people's horses, but more than my share of disappointments with my own choices, though it has been mainly due to shady humans involved and not the horses. However fate has always been good to me when I listen to what I really want, and I do think fate is telling me to try another path, and so I am stepping back and saving while I look for a Friesian, or if that is not economically possible, a Friesian Percheron cross, the best of which resemble my preference anyway, the old style draftier Friesian which is slowly being phased out for the sport horse type, just as beautiful though a much more refined animal.

I have been very impressed with the Friesian people I've met thus far, very into their horses and into costuming, performance, doing such interesting things with their horses.

In my icon is one horse I am curious about, he is a young baroque Friesian in Holland with the basics under saddle, and I am considering a trip out there or to send a scout to meet him if he is still available when I can afford him. Even if not, he's a good template from which to look. There is a woman who has Percheron Friesians in CA, and that visit will be very doable, and perhaps soon.

I have a definitely type in mind, heavy huilt and baroque with a thick stallion neck, lots of feather and hair, and expressive and animated gaits. A sportier build is fine too, as long as the whole build is harmonious. I want a horse who takes my breath away just standing, in motion, underneath me.
Monday, June 13th, 2005
1:44 am
Just a reminder
This community is for posting pix of hottie male celebs on their horsies or for guys who ride (or their friends) to post pix/stories of themselves.

We want to celebrate the good old manliness of guys on horseback and encourage more guys to take up riding.

This is NOT a genero show off your horse get training advice community. We don't care about your horse's training or your show schedule (unless you are of the male persuasion and you include photos).

Those who do not follow the above guidelines will lose their posting privledges. Thanks.

-Your friendly neighbourhood mod
Monday, April 18th, 2005
5:27 pm
My horse is here, and I couldn't be happier with her. A friend and I drove 17 straight hours to Rochester NY to pick her up, she was coming from Tennessee, and was staying overnight in Rochester. She was so good in the trailer, wasn't bothered, just munched hay and looked out the window occasionally. She has adjusted beautifully, and everyone is falling in love with her.

She is 17 hh, 8 years old, very interesting draft cross - 1/2 Shire 1/4 Clydesdale, 1/4 Hackney - extremely athletic, both drafty and refined in just the right combination. She fits my tack perfectly, including the saddle I bought for Symphony last year and my Kieffer a/p, and she has three bridles with 6" bits, a black with brass fittings and browband bridle and a black with silver ornamental bridle, in her two colour motifs, along with her old schooling / Parelli bridle from Tennessee.

She has great barn and ground manners, trail rides, jumps, great dressage prospect, has fox hunted, drives too ... though she has not been used much in the past year - her owner was injured on a hunt with ber high strung TB and the husband loves her but hasn't the interest in really riding her. I still can't get over how friendly and curious she is, she loves to sniff and snuffle EVERYTHING. She has a mind of her own, and will test, but once she sees I mean it, she comes right into line, my kind of horse.

She is still shedding her slightly faded winter coat, so she looks a deep burnished brown in her midsection and along her back, which is as beautiful as her natural black coat. She shines up easily, and I can't wait to see what she looks like with muscle and long grooming sessions. Grooming her is a pleasure, she closes her eyes and loves it.

Here she is:

Killian from 04/17/05, her second day here, including our first rideCollapse )
Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
5:54 pm
summer dancer
summer seems to be coming along really well i just got back from the barn just a bit ago i love the smell of the barn i hate haveing to go to the shower to wash it off.. i kno it sounds dirty .. i dont lyk to be clean dont get me wrong but i think ill sit just for a bit and enjoy the smell of my horse on my sweat shirt b4 i go and shower and have to return to the real world of ppl who cant appresiate any of it.. anywayz .. i think summer is going to need her right hock injected its a little big and she has some issues with her left lead and her right to left lead change when her other change is flawless.. that or im gunna have to put her on some banamine.. need to talk to the vet.. this is gunna be expensive either way *seeing how im only 17 and have to pay for it all* but i want her to be comfortable it will be worth it.. that and shes gunna need to go on some regumate as well.. but today was a very nice hack for her i think we may try to canter a jump or two on friday so far wev only been trotting.. wer gunna put down a bounce pole one stride infront of the jump.. im really excited with her progress she has yet to refuse a jump my brave little gurl :) ... i think the main reason im so impressed with her is she just started real training a month ago b4 that all she new was the race track im just so surprised with her easy going nature she never rushes any thing she just lopes along with a lupe in the reins .. i may be getting her a rubber bit.. this is also the first real green horse that has been given souly for me to train i still cant get over my excitment of finaly haveing a horse of my own !!! .. well i guess i should go shower now ttyl .. thank you everyone for your comments on her picture from what iv seen all your horses are butieful as well !!

Current Mood: <3 poni poni <3
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
11:46 am
summer dancer
fianly got a good picture of my new horse summer dancer.. im so proud of her shes coming along very nicely .. shes trotting a small course of jumps in the indor anywayz heres her picutre ..

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
8:57 pm
This is me and Chef, a huge black Percheron gelding, on a Hunter Pace event recently.

2:59 pm
yay for male trainers.
In response to the earlier post from the moderator, here are a couple pictures of my attractive trainer who I stopped riding with about a month or two ago. Too bad he turned out to be a pedophile- he's awfully good looking. ;)

picturesCollapse )

Current Mood: frustrated
Monday, November 29th, 2004
11:33 pm
Just a reminder from your friendly neighbourhood moderator....
I haven't been the most attentive of moderators. Is there anything anyone has any suggestions or complaints about?

Also, just a reminder directed at almost everyone who's been posting, :P thanks for taking an interest in the community, BUT

The purpose of this community is to celebrate men who ride english and their inherent sex appeal.

My hope was that people would post casual pix of celebs on english horses they'd collected or pics of guy friends, male riding instructors/trainers etc. OR that any men who ride english would join and share THEIR photos, etc.

I'll try to stop slacking in my mod duties and get some photos up if I can find some!

Also if anyone has the time to take a more active role as a mod or co-mod let me know! I think this community could be great if it had someone with a little more time helping out.
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